Taking good care of your new shoes will ensure them a prolonged lifetime.
Please take a moment and read through these recommendations.

Maison Mangostan footwear is proudly made in Spain by artisans specialising in the manufacture of high quality shoes.
Bearing  the integrity of our products in mind, we keep our manufacturan process local to the Mediterranean area.

Maison Mangostan uses the highest quality materials. All of the leather used in our products is sourced from Italian and Spanish tanneries.
Chrome-free, vegetable-tanned leather is treated using natural tannins found in vegetales matter, such as tree bark, wood, leaves, fruit, and roots.

Manufactured in a way which respects the environment and the people involved in the process.
From conception to production. Our materials it is non irritant, soft to the touch, ages richly over time and biodegrades naturally.

In Spain it is where Maison Mangostan shoes is hand-lasted and hand-sewn.
Our shoes are constructed piece by piece with a strict detail.
These are some of our staple resources we wanting to preserve.
More people less machines.

Suede and calf-leather can be protected and maintained with a coat of natural protectors and/or waterproofing agents.
A soft wire brush to remove light stains and revitalize suede or fur.
Only use suede cleaner in case of heavy stains.

Vegetable tanned leather lining should be left untreated. Leather will develop a patina and age beautifully over time. It can be cleaned with a horsehair brush or soft rag.
If desired, use a natural oil based treatment or conditioner.

Jute is a natural fiber that undergoes transformations when in contact with water or exposed to high humidity.
We recommend using a waterproofing agent to protect the jute midsole.

As the sole of the shoe is covered in natural rubber, the bottom is protected from water.
However, the exposed jute midsole should not be in contact with water (or exposed to any other extreme conditions), as moisture will rapidly deteriorate the fiber.
If you notice the jute has gotten slightly wet, place the shoes where they can air dry.