Welcome to Maison Mangostan,

A Way of life where Art, Music, Freedom, and inspiration are the "mode de vivre”. We are a kid’s footwear and clothing brand created with the desire that children can express themselves through fashion freely and creatively. 

Maison Mangostan is founded in Spain in 2016 by a multicultural family with a strong tradition in shoe making, mixing creativity, comfort and the highest production standards, our footwear and clothes are not only unique and beautiful, but they are also comfortable.

We create fashion that children love and sometimes parents want to borrow.

Our Values

Creativity & Imagination

We are explorers of the world, cultures, and the arts, we are always getting inspired, filling up our imagination, we translate that into unique eye-catching designs that will be undoubtedly a trademark in the style of those who will wear them.


Excellence is love. Coming from a traditional shoemaker family in Spain, quality and comfort are non-negotiable for us, we take our time to develop each model with the best materials possible. All products are lovingly designed in Spain and produced mostly in Portugal and Spain. Every pair of shoes is unique and made with love.

Sustainability & Honesty

We combine traditional craftsmanship with the latest eco-friendly techniques. All through our manufacturing process we respect the environment and the people involved in the process, from conception to production.