Maison Mangostan is committed to make a better world. We adhere to a policy of using biological materials and natural treatments whenever possible.
That is why we launch Green Mangostan. We strive to introduce more styles season after season to promote sustainability.

We are introducing some natural material usage under the label Green Mangostan.
Components as recycled fabrics, polyester from PET bottles, cork, wood and natural and recycled rubber.

 Part of the production of these materials have
contributed over the past year to the saving of:

19.500.000  litres of water
70.000  kg of chemical products
950.000  kg of greenhouse emissions
8.000.000  kg fertilizers and pesticides
1.100  hectares of cultivation
13.000  square meters in landfills
4.100.000  kg of recycled cotton


Merging traditional methods and new, eco-friendly techniques, they are manufactured in a way which respects the environment and the people involved in the process, from conception to production. Maison Mangostan adoptive the green region of Galicia in north-west Spain for this reason we change our production to Portugal, fewer kilometers also reduces the environmental impact of our supply chain and production process. As a multicultural family with a shoemaking tradition, we are proud to say that all of our products are made in Europe. Each pair of shoes is unique our team works passionately to create exciting collections.

Our core values include creativity, honesty, a commitment to inspiring positivity and promoting sustainability. This is the first step of which, we hope to say soon that Maison Mangostan is able to produce 100% sustainable shoes.